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Graphic Design

It’s all about identity.

A businesses logo, identity, and brand are related, but not the same. A logo is a mark or iconic image that represents the company. An identity is comprised of the various visual aspects that form part of the overall brand. The brand is the overall image of a business as perceived by the general public, which may not be not entirely visual.

Logo: A logo is designed to be the quickest way to recognize a business. It needs to be adaptable to either large or small formats, so simplicity is important. A logo should identify the business in a way that is recognizable and memorable.

Identity: Identity design is based upon the visual elements used within a company, and assembled within certain guidelines. These guidelines determine how the identity is implemented in a variety of mediums, using approved color palettes (PMS standardized colors), fonts, layouts and measurements. This framework ensures and coherent and consistent identity and allows the brand as a whole to be recognizable.

Brand:  A ‘brand’ is an organization, service and or product with a ‘personality’ shaped by the perceptions of the audience. Note: a designer cannot “make” a brand – only the audience can do this. A designer creates the foundation of the brand. A brand is the perception of the audience. It is how your company answers the phone, what they wear, say and do, what morals and values are perceived by your customers through your company as well as your audio and visual marketing. All of this creates the brand.

Branding unifies your image to make you instantly recognizable.

  • web design
  • logos
  • banners
  • packaging
  • invoices
  • letterhead
  • labels
  • business cards
  • educational/instructional
  • brochures
  • flyers
  • email templates
  • promotional packets
  • logo rescue
  • vector linear designs
  • publication layout