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Copywriting and Content

Skillful integration of keyword and keyword phrases to maximize SEO value while maintaining readability

Content writing requires attention to the specific industry or business, standards within that industry in terms of language and style, and a focus on the target audience, whether general public or others in the same industry. For example, engineers or professionals in a similar field would be evaluating content to ascertain the level of expertise and seeking certain technical information.

Placement determines whether the reader even sees your message. We place the most important message where it will be seen first. With average page view times of less that 5 seconds, viewers are not inclined to patiently search a page hoping to find what they are looking for. The initial message should be compelling enough to encourage the viewer to read further.

A website is a valuable property that, when properly executed, attracts clients and generates revenue. It should exemplify and confirm your professionalism and your awareness of customers’ needs.

Whether the purpose is to inform, educate, or merely entertain, writing must be both clear and precise. Style and content are critical for conveying your message and motivating your reader. Communication involves more than simply selecting the right words. It starts by identifying and targeting your audience.

The first point of contact with potential customers is your website. It is extremely valuable real estate upon which you can build a strong presence or not. Poor text and construction can undermine your credibility, but well-written text captures the interest of prospective customers engenders their trust, and leads them to employ your services or purchase your products. In most cases, less is more.

Lead Your clients in the right direction

Web browsing customers are extremely fickle and impatient because their choices and your competition are seemingly endless. Most purchases begin with a Google search that yields millions of results. Customers will visit a site three times on average before making a purchase, but if they do not see something that attracts their attention within a few seconds, they click away and your website is relegated to cyber oblivion. High-quality graphic content combined with proper text placement increases conversion rates. However, you do not get a second chance to make a first impression.

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