Map your Digital Marketing Strategy to Reach the Height of your Market

Pinnacle PR Group is a fully-integrated, digital marketing firm, helping businesses to grow and establish a strong presence and identity. Pinnacle offers 360-degree marketing through website development, branding, design, social media, search engine optimization, video, and message development.

Pinnacle provides businesses with efficient and cost-effective strategies for increasing market presence and revenue. We stay in front of a constantly changing marketplace and build trust and loyalty with our clients by consistently providing positive results. Growing your business is our business.

You talk, we listen. We ask questions, then we listen. We let you be you. Tell the world about yourself.

The best plans allow for change. The landscape is always changing, and so are you. It pays to be flexible.

Once you get someone’s attention, keeping it is the key. Tell your story in ways that make others want to share it too.

When you climb one mountain, there is always another in front of you. Map out the best path forward.

Branding is like the song that everyone knows from the first chord. We write that music.

Websites – A website is like a first date. It needs to be attractive and intelligent enough to be interesting to start a relationship. First impressions are lasting impressions. And, yes, we believe in love at first sight.
Video – If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a thousand pictures. Video puts your message in the present tense. Living images give your audience a chance to get to know you. Ready, set, engage and captivate.
SEO – “If you build it they will come” only works in the movies. On the web, we build the paths that lead people to your door. Search Engine Optimization is how we get you to the front of the pack because when you’re in the back the view never changes.
Content – It’s all about having a well-crafted story told with the right combination of words and images. The future of marketing is to provide strong content not just to get your audiences’  attention, but also to keep it and compel them to share.
Get Social – There is both a science and an art to climbing the mountain of Social Media. We provide the in-depth reach and analysis, as well as the well crafted messages to put you on the top of the right mountain to reach your target market.
Integrate – We love what we do, and it shows in our work. It’s an exciting world with new technologies that constantly expand the power of our digital marketing tools giving us new ways to help our clients market effectively.

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